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Remote Desktop tricks for Linux users

January 7th, 2013 No comments


If you like to make RDP connections to Windows machines from your Linux box, it is often convenient if you can set a few things right from the start. As such, I wrote a little shell script around rdesktop, in order to make life somewhat easier for me.
This script does the following:

  • invoke rdesktop
  • set the keyboard layout to Belgian AZERTY
  • set the screen resolution to something that fits the screen of my laptop
  • map a local directory so it is available on the remote Windows box


And here is the script:

# simple wrapper for rdesktop
# set keyb layout on server to azerty BE
# set window size to 1370x840

 if [ $# != "0" ] ;

   rdesktop -k nl-be  -r 'disk:homedrv=/home/david/' -g 1370x840  $1

   echo "$0: No arguments were supplied. Please supply a valid target 
             hostname or IP address."
   exit 1

 exit 0


The script must be invoked with one arument, the hostname or IP adress of the machine you want to connect to. I guess the script is simple enough to understand what it does. Adapt it to your particular needs, and I hope you like it.

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